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Questions & Answers

- Everything you need to know about ChocQlate -

On making your own chocolate

- On our ChocQlate set -

Storage life of our chocolate

The taste of our chocolate is best when it is freshly made. Chocolate that is made and consumed the same day is a culinary delight. The best Belgian chocolatiers for this reason sell "Chocolat du Jour" as a specialty, a real feast for the palate!

We recommend to consume the chocolate within one week, even though it is possible to store it in a cool place, preferably the fridge, for a couple of weeks and it will still be a treat.

What could go wrong?

It is really simple to make our chocolate. Three important things should be observed to obtain a perfectly smooth chocolate mass:

1. Not a single drop of water may get into the chocolate.

2. The chocolate must not get too hot. The cocoa butter or the chocolate mix should be taken out of the bain-marie or off the warmer as soon as the cocoa butter or the chocolate mass have melted.

3. At last add the cocoa butter to the other ingredients. If this is done too early the chocolate will clot, it will get lumply and will not give you the desired result. But even if this should happen the chocolate still tastes delicious, only it does not look as appetizing as it should.

You can reuse the chocolate moulds several times

While you are making your chocolates you can use a mould several times. Fill the mould with chocolate, put it into the freezing compartment, ideally for 5-10 minutes, remove the chocolate from the mould and immediately refill the mould again with chocolate - without having to wash it first - until all the chocolate mass has been used up.

After use the moulds can be easily washed by hand in lukewarm water and dried. Please do not put the moulds into the dishwasher.

The heat might deform the material and make the moulds unusable.

How much chocolate do you get when using the individual moulds?

The chocolate mould No. 1 can be used to produce 6 wafers of 10 g each.

The chocolate mould No. 2 can be used to produce 6 square shapes (for filled chocolates) of 60 g each.

The chocolate mould No. 3 can be used to produce three bars of 60 g each.

The chocolate mould No. 4 can be used to produce three bars of 40 g each.

Why does ChocQlate not offer any milk chocolate

ChocQlate is a vegan and lactose free chocolate made from 5 basic ingredients.

The intensive chocolate flavour is owed to the unroasted cocoa beans, one of the most nutritious foods - immensely rich in minerals, secondary plant substances and antioxidants.

Particularly the latter are very sensitive to lose a great part of their nutritional effects in combination with milk products. Therefore we recommend to enjoy this power food in its vegan form.

In spite of this a chocolate can be created by using ChocQlate that is very much related to milk chocolate in taste.

On 200 g of chocolate mass you add a higher quantity of agave syrup and approximately 1 tablespoon of white almond butter as well as 1 tablespoon of cocoa puree as additional ingredients. In this way all the nutritional substances of the chocolate will be preserved.

What to do in case water has been spilt into the melted chocolate mass

Even the smallest quantity of water that comes into the melted chocolate or cocoa butter causes the chocolate to clot. The special chocolate taste is not changed by this, only the chocolate does no longer look as appetizing as it should.

How to pack and to transport your chocolate in the best way

Together with our chocolate moulds you get small custom-made bags and decorative labels for our bars and wafers. They are made of food-safe material and do not emit any harmful substances.

They come with a peel-off adhesive strip that provides for a nearly airtight packing of your chocolate and an easy transport.

The person who receives the gift gets a chocolate that does not only taste as if it had been made by a professional, but also looks professionally packed and beautifully decorated with the accompanying label.

Is everybode able to make chocolate by using ChocQlate?

Yes, our concept and our selected ingredients enable everybody to make chocolate at home, even if the person is not a first-class chef or pastry cook. It is like child's play.

You do not need any special equipment or kitchet utensils for tempering or conching. A bowl, a spoon and a pot can certainly be found in your kitchen.

How much time does it take to prepare the chocolate?

It takes approximately 20 minutes until your chocolate is ready, 10 minutes of preparation time and 10 minutes cooling time in the freezer compartment.

With a little bit of routine the process will be even faster. If you want to make fancier chocolates (see also you can count with another 10 minutes to prepare other ingredients.

Go to the chocolate courses

- Praline and chocolate courses -

These courses are offered:

We organize chocolate courses for every occasion. Chocolate and praline courses at fixed dates can be booked at any time by mail, facebook or phone. The events and locations of these chocolate courses are annouced on our homepage.

Furthermore we offer also chocolate courses for companies. Everything is possible, be it that you want a small chocolate-making break during a longer conference, be it that you are planning a team event lasting a few hours or you want to make chocolate at home with your friends.

We will be happy to join you at home for a private chocolate course or to show you how to make chocolate at home with your friends.

This is how you can redeem your coupon

Our instructors act allover Germany and also in Austria (Vienna). They offer regular workshops.

Enquire on our website the date and the location of the next course in your region and sign up. Just hand the coupon over to your instructor on the day of the course, the fees for the course are already paid.

Simply call us if no course in your region can be found. We will see that a course can be organized in your region within a reasonable time.

Go to the ChocQlate chocolate set

- and everything that is supplied with it -

One chocolate set for how many persons?

Count with approximately 200 g of chocolate per person. This means with a 1000 g ChocQlate set you can make your own chocolate at home in a group of 5 to 6 persons. This quantity is sufficent for a whole evening of tasting, enjoying, refining and tasting again and yet there will still be enough left for everybody to take a tasteful selection of different chocolates home.

In case you decide to use our chocolate moulds you find an overview of available moulds with their capacity in grams here:

Using chocolate mould No. 1 you can make 6 wafers of 10 g each.

Using chocolate mould No. 2 you can make 6 square shapes of 60 g each (for filled chocolates).

Using chocolate mould No. 3 you can make 3 bars of 60 g each.

Using chocolate mould No. 4 you can make 3 bars of 40 g each.

The mould can of course be refilled again and again with chocolate, as soon as the mass has cooled down in the freezer. The moulds need not be washed out before being refilled.

This is the material of our chocolate moulds.

Our ChocQlate chocolate moulds have been designed by us and are produced in Germany. Also here the Q in ChocQlate stands for the highest quality.

The moulds are food-safe and, other than silicone moulds, they do not emit any chemicals. This ensures that your chocolate remains free of foreign flavours.

Is it possible to reorder packing material for the chocolate bars?

Yes. In our shop you can separately reorder the packing material. If you order the chocolate moulds No. 1 - 4 you will get a sufficient number of colourful small bags and labels.

On the ChocQlate ingredients

- All that you should know -

The storage life of our ingredients

If stored in a cool and dry place the ingredients will last up to four months.

ChocQlate ingredients need not be cooled?

No. The ingredients should be kept cool and dry, but they need not necessarily be cooled.

What is direct trade?

We are in personal contact with suppliers and sources of our products. These enterprises share our conviction of a code of values that concentrates on sustainable economy, protection of the environment and organic growth without using chemicals.

Our cocoa beans are mostly purchased directly from plantations known to us. This is called "Direct Trade" which means that we have a direct business relationship with our partners on site to ensure fair trade and attractive prices.

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